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Introducing Our Referrals 

Luminous Themes is an innovative, ambitious company. Join our referral business program!

Help Us Sell Weebly Themes!

We sell Weebly themes to Weebly users from all across the globe. Thousands of business owners are using our website designs to boost their sales. We now offer a referral program via our partner E-Junkie. With this referral program, you can promote our products and get paid! Make sure you have a PayPal account.






A 30% commission

How Does It Work?

Here's how this works. First, you sign up and become an affiliate. You'll be given several links which link you our products. Post these links online (but don't spam!). When someone clicks on the link and purchases one of our themes, you will get paid a large 30% commission! 

That means you can make several hundred or even thousand dollars a month by solely promoting our products! Help get the word across to other fellow Weebly users to let them know of our products. This system is processed by our partner, E-Junkie.

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Work With Us!

How Does It Work?

1). Promote Our Products

When you join our affiliate referral program, you will be given a special link. That link will link to our website and automatically puts a tracking cookie on the customers browser. You can post that link wherever you want to encourage people to click on it, but please don't spam! Doing so will kick you off our affiliate program. Promote the links on various blogs that talk about Weebly, make blog posts about our themes with the link, engage in discussions...etc. The more people you promote to the more you earn!

2). Customers Buy Something From Your Link

So you've posted your special link that links to our website across the internet. Now what? When a customer clicks on your link, they're taken to our website. Then, when they purchase something from our website such as a theme, it lets our system know and it gives you 30% of the profit! 

3). You Get Paid via PayPal!

When customers purchase a product, you get 30%. So if a customer purchases our $39 Ethereal theme, you'll get $12 instantly! Your money accumulates in your account, and you can then request a withdraw of funds. We pay our affiliates via a standard NET15 payout rate, so when you request a withdraw of your funds into your PayPal, the withdraw processes on by the 15th of the next month. 30% commission is a great deal, better than the standard 15% offered on other sites!

Please make sure you follow these guidelines!

What Are The Guidelines?

You join our affiliate program! What's next?

Guideline #1

Don't Spam

Luminous Themes is very anti-spam, and we will not tolerate any automated spam activity with our referral program.

main feature #2

Respect Medium

Wherever you're promoting our products, make sure you obey the rules! Don't press anyone to purchase our products.

main feature #3

Don't Falsify Information

Don't provide outrageous information about our products. We don't want to deal with any very angry customers!

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Some Possible Places Where You Can Promote (Just Suggestions)

Weebly now has a community, where you can promote our products!
related blogs
Blogs typically have comments, where you can add to the discussion.
Blogs reviewing Weebly can be a great place to promote the links!
Facebook is a GREAT place to promote our themes. Be relevant!
Twitter is also a possible method of promoting the products. Be relevant!
helping others
"Help, I need more Weebly Themes." A:"Check out these hip themes!"
business Forums
Business forums can be places where folks need new website designs.
everywhere else
Feel free to promote your products wherever you want! Thanks!
become an affiliate