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Introducing Aurora

As a premium Weebly theme, Aurora is 100% responsive, meaning that it looks great on any device. Featuring over 12+ page types, the opportunities for customization to your needs are infinite. It has Parallax effects, and body sections which you can customize to your liking. It is 100% compatible with all Weebly plans from free to business, and is compatible with every Weebly aspect. Ready to revolutionize your Weebly website?

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The World’s Finest Weebly Theme

Introducing Aurora, one of the best Weebly themes out there. With a delicate, modern look, and tons of innovative features such as the FlexiHeader, this is the ultimate Weebly theme. 

Aurora – A Premium Weebly Theme

Introducing Aurora, a beautiful modern responsive Weebly theme. Featuring a stunning sleek design and a wide variety of page types, Aurora will revolutionize your Weebly website. It has beautiful font styles, and is super easy to install into Weebly. No technical knowledge required. Check out the live demo!






modern design

Beautiful Theme

Aurora is simply fascinating. With over 10+ page types and a beautiful modern design, you'll be able to create a stunning Weebly website. Each one of our specialty pages, including OnePage, FlexiPage, ScrolliPage, and Parallax Page allows you to present your content in an immersive, dynamic method.

It is 100% compatible with Weebly. It is designed exclusively for Weebly. We’ve made it frustration free, and its super easy to upload and customize this theme in Weebly. We’ve included a super detailed instructions manual for editing the contents of this theme, so you’ll be able to start building your amazing Weebly website as soon as possible!

designed to perform

A Perfect Weebly Theme

Responsive Design

Aurora looks fantastic on any device. Whether a viewer is browsing through your Weebly website on a phone or a desktop, rest assured that they’re getting a perfect web browsing experience suited to the screen size of their device. You’ll also get a boost in your ranking on Google if you use Clarity due to Aurora  being mobile-friendly. 

Beautifully Designed Page Types

Every one of the 12 page types in this theme was designed with maximum accuracy and pixel-perfect precision. The image and color landing pages in the Aurora theme were designed to captivate viewers and transform them into customers. Aurora  is a one-of-a-kind theme due to its immersive and vivid design.

Extremely Easy To Use

We’ve designed Aurora to be as easy to use yet powerful as possible within the Weebly system. With features such as one click installation and step by step tutorials, using Aurora  is a breeze. Aurora  behaves just like a normal Weebly theme, so its always in your Weebly account, and you can use it on any website. 


Features Included in Aurora

What makes our Aurora theme stand out from the crowd?

main feature #1

Specialty Pages

Aurora has a wide variety of our specialty design pages, including OnePage, FlexiPage, ScrolliPage, and Parallax. Each page type helps you develop stunning sites.

main feature #2

Drag ‘n Drop Headers

With the FlexiPage page type, you can drag 'n drop anything into the headers! Create a truly interactive website with such customization options and impress your visitors.

main feature #3


ScrolliPage allows you to create pages with vertical scrolling navigation! This helps your visitors smoothly scroll down to their desired content. Check it out!

main feature #4

Modern Beautiful Design

Aurora was crafted with the latest web trends in mind. It features beautiful fonts and styles for an amazing website experience. Create a site that you’re proud of.

main feature #5

Parallax Effects

Sprinkled throughout the theme is the Parallax effect, which you will see in many elements. For example, the body slowly slides over the header creating a beautiful effect.

main feature #6

100% Weebly Compatible

Aurora is 100% compatible with all aspects of Weebly, including all plans from free to the paid ones. Plus, you can use it on a variety of accounts, and on unlimited sites!

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