Elixir helps you create stunning Weebly websites

Revolutionize Your Weebly Website

Pixel-Perfect Design

Elixir features a beautiful pixel-perfect responsive design, meaning your site will look amazing on any device, garaunteed.

Very Easy to Use

With OneClick installation, it takes less than a minute to get started. Plus, using it is a breeze with 100% drag 'n drop functionality.

Establish Your Brand

Elixirs expansive customization abilities lets you create a site that's truly your own. Establish your brand identity and presence.

Elixir has really transformed our Weebly website into something amazing. Honestly, I didn't even know you could make stuff like that in Weebly. Elixir's StylePages have been especially useful for me, and it's been a major timesaver when trying to create pages. You guys rock, thank you!

Hans Schmidt

Founder of GIA, AB 

Just a brief overview of what makes Elixir so cool

Features Included in Elixir

Beautiful StylePages

Effortlessly create pages with Elixir's StylePage templates. Create beautiful, professional layouts in literally seconds.

Gorgeous SliderPage

Elixir's SliderPage page type gives you a beautiful full-screen header slideshow, running on pure CSS3.

Efficient ScrolliPage

ScrolliPage makes life easier for your visitors with a vertical navigation bar to scroll down to individual sections in a page.

Over a Dozen Page Types

We mentioned StylePages, SliderPage, and ScrolliPage, but there are a dozen more beautiful page types in Elixir (See demo).

Designed for Weebly

Elixir is 100% compatible with Weebly, so all the features you love with work effortlessly with Elixir. It just works.

Insanely Easy to Use

Elixir is incredibly easy to use. We take full advantage of Weebly's drag 'n drop functionality, so no code is required.

Are you a web designer using Weebly?

Elixir Developer

Elixir is perfect for both consumer and developer use. Our Developer's Edition package makes it extremely easy for developers using Weebly to create fantastic sites for their clients.

Unlimited Licenses

With our Developer's Edition, you get unlimited licenses to develop sites with Elixir. Pay one-time and develop as many Weebly sites as you want with Elixir.

24/7 Support

With 24/7 support, you'll be good in any situation. If at any point you run into any problems and have deadlines coming up, we've got your back.

Modular Code

Our Elixir Developer's Edition CSS contains modular, heavily annotated code with instructions, letting you make deep stylistic changes quickly and easily.

100% Whitelabel

The Developer's Edition of Elixir is completely whitelabel, and has no references to us. It is your canvas to use and profit from, as you develop sites for clients.

Powerful Responsive Technology

Signature OneFlow

Elixir is proudly powered by our OneFlow responsive framework, which automatically detects the users screensize and optimizes content for best usability. This means that with Elixir, your Weebly site will look incredible and refined across every possible device out there. No more compatibility issues. It just works.

Powerful and lightweight
Powerful and lightweight

Never Outdated

Elixir was crafted with the latest in code technologies, and we put effort in to make it as lightweight as possible. It replaces as much javascript as possible with native clean CSS3, which dramatically improves loading times. Plus, we update our themes regularly so you'll never be outdated.

The best theme we currently offer

Features Included in Elixir

  • OneFlow Responsive Design Framework

  • SliderPage - Header slideshow (Premium & up)

  • ScrolliPage - Vertical scrolling navigation

  • StylePages - Pre-made designer page templates

  • BoxPage - 50/50 split content design

  • ParallaxPage - Parallax-enabled Page Type

  • White Tall Header - White navigation bar

  • LandingPage - Flexible Header

  • VideoPage - Background Header Video

  • OnePage - Established header design/homepage

  • Clean code, as little jQuery as possible

  • Online instructions manual

  • Heavily Annotated Code (Developer's Edition)

  • Blogging + eCommerce + Membership + More

  • 100% Compatible with Weebly

  • Professional Design Review (in instructions)

  • Two Navigation Styles

  • Designer-Made Elements

  • Social Media Icons

  • Over 15+ Page Types (see demo).

  • Whitelabel product (Developer's Edition)

  • Code Table of Contents (Developer's Edition)

  • Modular HTML/CSS (Developer's Edition)

  • 100% Drag 'n Drop. No code required.

Don't Settle for Less

Default Weebly themes are generic. Your business deserves better. With a one-time purchase, Elixir will transform the way your website looks.

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