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The World’s Finest Weebly Theme

Quick and easy theme modifications, from professionals

Weebly Theme Tweaks

Don't like something about a Weebly theme? We can modify and tweak it to your liking!

Introducing Clarity, a beautiful all-in-one Weebly theme. Its 100% responsive, meaning that the user interface of the theme adapts to the users screen size. It has over 12 unique page types all being 100% drag n drop, and its extremely easy-to-use. A theme designed to perform.

Having a Good Website Is Important.

We have helped countless of businesses create impressive websites and boost their sales. However, sometimes themes don't fit everyone. If you want a modification to any of our Weebly themes, you can take advantage of this quick and professional service!






modern LOOKS
Responsive, dynamic, everything!

Any Modification/Tweak

When we build sites, we don't just build ordinary ones. We create dynamic websites. The ones which really captivate your visitors and turn them into customers. The kind of websites that your so proud of that you go around showing it to family members and friends. That's the kind of websites we create. And those are the kind of websites that propel business forward. 

We design responsive sites, meaning that they adapt to the viewers screen size and create the best experience for mobile visitors. We create interactive websites, with images and text appearing as the user scrolls down. The sites we create are stunningly beautiful, and have all the functions you might need such as a full CMS and blog. 

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designed to perform

You Deserve The Best Site

We've Got The Experience

We've been selling Weebly themes for several years now, and we've been in the web design field for ages. We're on top of all the latest in developments, and have more experience in web design than most other companies. So if you're looking for folks who know what they're doing, you've found us. 

Beautifully Designed Page Types

Every one of the 12 page types in this theme was designed with maximum accuracy and pixel-perfect precision. The image and color landing pages in the Aurora theme were designed to captivate viewers and transform them into customers. Aurora  is a one-of-a-kind theme due to its immersive and vivid design.

Quick Development Times, Satisfaction Guaranteed 

We’ve designed Aurora to be as easy to use yet powerful as possible within the Weebly system. With features such as one click installation and step by step tutorials, using Aurora  is a breeze. Aurora  behaves just like a normal Weebly theme, so its always in your Weebly account, and you can use it on any website. 

Features of our websites

Why choose Luminous Themes?

What makes our websites stand out from the crowd?

main feature #1

Responsive Design

We design websites with responsive design. This means that the website will automatically adjust to the users screen size or monitor, giving mobile users the best experience ever. 

main feature #2

Interactive Pages

Check out our homepage. You see those images and text flyin' in and out of the body? That's interactivity, and it really helps boost the effectiveness of your website.

main feature #3

Dynamic Websites

Need a data-driven website? No problem! We have an entire CMS, and can create data-driven websites or just CMS-based websites like blogs easily, and give you control.

main feature #4

Modern Beautiful Design

Look, we were born in design. We create websites with pixel-perfect precision, and won't stop until you're satisfied with the product that you're getting. Its very important to us. 

main feature #5

Affordable Solutions

Lets be honest: small businesses don't have cash to throw around. That's why our pricing is affordable. Rest assured, you're getting an incredible value.

main feature #6

SEO Optimizations

Want to get on the front page of Google? We can help you get there. We do SEO optimizations on all websites we create, for absolutely free. Its an awesome deal. 


Affordable Pricing








1-3 Website pages

No Blog

Unlimited Reliable Hosting

100% Responsive & Interactive

Estimated Time: 5 Days

The simple plan is quite simply, the simple plan. In this plan, we create a beautiful simple onepage website for your business. The website will be responsive, have animations, and all other standard features. 


3-6 Website pages

Blog Compatibility

Unlimited Reliable Hosting

100% Responsive & Interactive

Estimated Time: 10 Days

This is by far our most popular plan among small businesses. What we do is create a high-quality 3-6 page website to your liking. We will send you drafts of potential designs and help you choose the right one.


6-12 Website Pages

Complete CMS & Blog

Unlimited reliable Hosting

100% Responsive & Interactive

Estimated Time: 15 Days

Need a large data-driven website? Then this plan is for you. The enterprise plan is our ultimate plan, and will give you a high-performance data-based website for a fraction of what other agencies charge.