pixel-perfect design

Ethereal is a beautiful Weebly theme with a pixel-perfect hand-crafted design. Designed to impress.

extremely easy-to-use

You'll have no trouble figuring out how to use Ethereal. It is very easy and intuitive to use & customize.

powerful features

From video headers to vertical navigation scroll with parallax, Ethereal has tons of features.

a premium & responsive weebly theme

Trusted by thousands of Weebly users worldwide

Animated Headers

Beautiful fluid headers

Ethereal features easy-to-use beautiful background video headers.

ScrolliPage Navigation

Vertical scrolling

Let's visitors scroll down your website via a floating vertical navigation menu.

Parallax Designs

Impress your visitors

Ethereal has beautiful parallax elements sprinkled throughout.

Over 12+ Page Types

Ultimate freedom

Elixir has over 12 page types, giving your site awesome functionality.

Very Easy to Use

No coding required

Ethereal is extremely easy to use, no technical knowledge required.

Multiple Navigation

Two navigation bars

Ethereal offers two beautiful navigation bars to suit your style.

Oneflow framework

Our signature platform

Ethereal is powered by OneFlow. This means that the theme automatically arranges its content for best usability on the visitors device. This adds on to the responsive capability of the theme and ensures that your site looks and feels great on any device.

100% compatible with weebly

Designed to work flawlessly

Ethereal has been designed to work with Weebly and all of its features. Ethereal is compatible with all of Weebly's aspects, such as eCommerce, blogging, membership, and more.

Beautiful design, powerful abilities

Power in a beautiful package

Ethereal gives you the best of both worlds. With a beautiful, pixel-perfect design and some powerful functionality, Ethereal gives you the power to create a fantastic Weebly website.

future proof

Lifetime updates + support

The web is constantly evolving, and so are our themes. We regularly update all of our themes with both design and functionality updates, giving you a future-proof website.

  • OneFlow™ responsvie design
  • Video background headers
  • Vertical scrolling navigation (ScrolliPage)
  • Flexible header (Flexipage or landing page)
  • Parallax Scrolling (ParallaxPage)
  • Blogging + eCommerce + membership + more
  • Annotated & Modular HTML/CSS
  • Clean code, as little jQuery as possible
  • Online instructions manual
  • TWO navigation bar styles (black & white)
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Social media icons
  • White-label design, no references
  • 100% compatibility with Weebly
  • Over 12+ page types (see demo)

secure payments

When you purchase a product from us, all of your payment details will be safe & secure. We process payments through PayPal.

instant download

As soon as you purchase one of our products, you will be given access to it immediately. Simply download, open instructions, and go!

Online Support

We're here for you if you ever get stuck or confused. Simply contact us online on our "contact us" page.

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