What Makes People Love Our Themes

March 15, 2017

With thousands of customers, our themes are one of the best-selling Weebly themes on the market. Our themes are very popular among Weebly users, and for a good reason, too.

Extremely Easy to Use, No Code Requried

The title says it all: our themes are extremely easy to use. We don't overload our themes with tons of useless features that makes it hard to use them, we keep our themes clean and streamlined while delivering the perfect set of features to let you create a fantastic site. Customers have also praised our very helpful instructions, calling them the best in the class.

Beautiful, Stunning Designs

We craft our themes with pixel-perfect precision, delivering maximum attention to every single detail and element. We ensure that every aspect of the theme corresponds correctly and seamlessly with the other parts of the website, giving you the power to establish your brand in a beautiful and creative manner.

Powerful Performance

Like we said, our themes are very streamlined, helping deliver great performance. We craft our themes using the latest HTML5 and CSS3 code, while also using as little jQuery as possible. This keeps our themes responsive, easy to edit, and quick to respond. Furthermore, we have a multi-device lab which we use to test the real-time responsiveness of our theme on a wide variety of hardware.

Quick and Helpful Customer Support

Very few of our customers have issues using our products, but occasionally people have questions and need answers. That's why we have a full customer support team, ready to address all of your questions for free.

Lifetime Support & Frequent Updates

We provide lifetime support to all our products. We believe in quality over quantity, so your purchase of one of our themes gives you frequent updates delivering new features and new optimizations as the web advances. We keep all of our themes up to date with the latest Weebly features, so you can be assured that your websites will run for years.


The great thing about our themes is that both beginners and experts can take advantage of everything they have to offer. Experts and web designers love our themes because we annotate each theme to the max. We provide detailed annotations and clean code, letting code enthusiasts alter the framework of the theme with ease.

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