What Exactly is Weebly Carbon?

November 15, 2015

What is Weebly Carbon?

Weebly Carbon is the latest version of Weebly, which brings in several changes to the editor and the ecosystem as a whole. It also brings some design-related changes, and improvements to performance of the browser-based editor. 

Although there are several changes that Weebly Carbon brings to us, many of the most prominent ones are described here below: 

App Center

Prior to Weebly Carbon, all you could do add to your Weebly website was the elements that Weebly offered, plus some HTML widgets. However, this all changed with the introduction of the App Center. Simply put, the App Center is a collection of valuable and handy apps which you can connect seamlessly to your website. Many of these apps include things that help your business management, including Weebly's SimpleChat app, which is real-time customer support, event scheduling, polls, and many valuable eCommerce tools. There are also design-based apps, such as apps that let you add/customize pricing tables, call out boxes, and other neat additions. 

The App Center is constantly being increased in size, with more developers and companies making apps for the center. We are looking into making free apps for the app center, too!

Design Upgrades

It's no secret that Weebly needed a lift in design. Which is exactly what Weebly Carbon accomplished. Weebly radically upgraded the look and feel of the user dashboard, letting you access far more functions and use a friendlier system. The editor also got a refresh in design, resembling Google's material-design and being more flat in design. 

Weebly Mobile Apps

Weebly has created apps for Android and iOS that let users edit their website by adding elements to it and via blogs. This is an incredibel accomplishment, and an amazing feat. Weebly is the first Website creator that has accomplished this, and now lets its users create fantastic webstites straight from their mobile devices. 

Much More Functionality for Developers

Although Weebly was always fairly open to developers and designers (via their HTMl/CSS panel), its now far more accessible for developers thanks to a new API suite. Basically, it lets us developers create much more solutions for Weebly users, such as make elements for Weebly users and be able to customize the "core" of Weebly websites such as membership, search, and eCommerce aspects. 

We've covered the basics, but there are many more improvements to be on the lookout for. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks!

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