Top 7 Useful Tools to Use With Weebly

November 20, 2015

Weebly is an awesome web builder. Not only do you get an easy-to-use interface, but you also get amazing features such as the app center, and the ability to edit the HTML/CSS of your website. However, there are a lot of tools outside of Weebly that you can use to make your life a lot easier. 

5). Online Icon Generator - 

This is an awesome website that lets you generate virtually any kind of .png icon, which you can download and upload to your Weebly website! With a ton of customization features, the applications of this generator are endless. 

4). Beautiful FREE HD Stock Images -

Unsplash is very widely known among web developers and designers. Check them out, they feature hundreds of beautiful, royalty-free stock photos that you'd expect to pay fifty dollars for. Except despite their incredible quality, all of their photos are absolutely free to use for both personal and commercial projects!

3). Online Photoshop/Picture Enhancer -

As you probably know already, good imagery is very important for making a good website. Luckily, there's an awesome free tool out there called PicMonkey, which is essentially a very easy-to-use online version of Photoshop. You can make various edits to your pictures, crop them to a specific aspect ratio, and then download them and upload them to your Weebly website. Its definitely worth it to check them out!

2). Design Stunning Graphics Online -

Canva is a truly awesome tool that every website owner should know about. Canva lets you create beautiful graphics for all kinds of purposes, all for free and in your web browser. In fact, its so awesome and powerful that we use it for our blog thumbnails! 

1). Google Analytics  -

As a website owner, its very important for you to understand your audience, including where they're coming from, what they're looking at, how long they're staying on your site...etc. Although Weebly's default website statistics are pretty useful, Google Analytics is the industry standard for gathering marketing data and insight about your website visitors, and its pretty much the go-to place for website owners nowadays. Adding Google Analytics is very easy, and you can see how to install it by clicking here (a blog by Weebly). 

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