Take a Sneek Peak into Ethereal, our Latest Theme

November 14, 2015

We are happy to announce our latest upcoming Weebly theme, Ethereal! Here's a quick "peek" as to what this Weebly theme will bring.

.Unique, User-Friendly Responsive Design

We've crafted and engineered the design of this Weebly template to provide the best user experience, while having optimized code that enables it to be responsive and change its design to any mobile device user out there. 60% of a websites traffic comes from a mobile device. Therefore, its important to have a theme that is responsive and cross-compatible. Ethereal does just that. Every aspect of its design has been carefully throughout. The navigation bar is transparent at top, but transitions into a shortened, accessible bar with a white solid background as the user scrolls down. The default header on the OnePage page type automatically stretches to 100% height, darastically improving the imagery of a website. Everything is perfect. 


Over 10 Specialty & Clean Page Types

Regardless of what kind of website you have, you'll be able to create the perfect site with Ethereal. Why? Because it has over 10 Specialty and other page types, letting you customize your site to the max. 


Introducing Widgets!

Ethereal is our first Weebly theme to come with user-friendly widgets which you can add to your website! We'll have several types of widgets available which you can add to your Weebly website. Furthermore, we'll be upgrading our othere themes with widgets too. But Ethereal is the pioneer in widgets. 


Vertical Scrolling!

Another new addition. Ethereal will be equipped with vertical navigation on its ScrolliPage page type. Sometimes, some websites have many sections and are tedious to scroll through. However, we've implemented a vertical scrolling feature to the theme. A small vertical, minimalistic vertical navigation bar will appear on the ScrolliPage page type, letting the user scroll directly to whatever section you want them to go to! 


Much, much more features to come! 

When will it be released? We hope to release it near the end of November of 2015, as long as there are no delays. 

Thanks for reading, see you soon!

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