Fresh New Version of Ethereal Now Available!

May 16, 2016

Over the past few weeks, we've been hard at work developing updates to our themes. Our goal is to keep innovating and modernizing our themes, and today, we're excited to release a brand-new version of Ethereal! As always, the update is free to all current and future customers, so check your email for the update download! 

In the update, we've revamped virtually every single aspect of Ethereal. From the social media icons to the overall content, everything has been updated. Ethereal now has a variety of navigation bars to choose from, and you can switch them around with the click of a button via Weebly's color palettes.

This update shouldn't even be called an update--It's a brand new theme rocking the same philosophy that made Ethereal our best selling theme. With a completely modernized platform, Ethereal is also extremely easy-to-use. Virtually every allowable aspect of the theme is now under drag 'n drop, including the social media icons and ScrolliPage navigation. The result? Quicker website developing times and far more efficient workflow.

It's extremely important for businesses to have a great-looking responsive website. With over 60% of website visitors coming from mobile devices, its vital to have the proper UI. With Ethereal, you get an incredible responsive platform called OneFlow that automatically restructures your website and its content to craft the perfect tailored experience to your visitors. Even better, it's extremely easy to use.

We've also added several brand-new page types to this update! One of them is ElixirPage, which gives you a powerful in-depth parallax effect. With over 12+ page types, you get the ultimate flexibility in creating the website of your dreams.  We've also added animations to the headers, so you can show off your business in style :)

Check out the updated demo here:

Stay tuned to more updates! 

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