Our Latest Theme, Ethereal is Now Available!

November 20, 2015

Introducing Ethereal, a premium Weebly theme. Ethereal is our latest theme in our theme library, and one of the best ones so far. With a unique, stunning design, Ethereal is designed to standout. It was crafted with the latest web trends in mind, and every element of the theme reflects this. 

Ethereal has unique features such as OnePage™, ScrolliPage™, and FlexiPage™. These are just three out of a dozen of page types available with Ethereal, and each of them have unique capabilities which can be seen in our demo here:  http://etherealtheme.weebly.com/

Furthermore, Ethereal is our first theme to have widgets. This means that you can add more functionality to your website, even more than what Weebly provides by default. Ethereal is 100% responsive, meaning that its code automatically detects the user's screen-size, and adjusts the websites user interface to provide the best possible experience for the user. 

The header is Ethereal's specialty. It automatically expands to the users screen-size, adding more vivid imagery to your website and giving you the opportunity to establish a true brand identity. 

You can purchase Ethereal here: 


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