Future Roadmap of Our Products

We're been hard at work creating more revolutionary Weebly tools to help you create a fantastic website. Here's a quick sneak peak into what we've been doing: 

Product Updates

All of our products are going to receive a substantial overhaul soon, so if you've purchased one of our themes, expect an email soon with the free updated theme. We're changing our platform from CSS to LESS, and improving our signature OneFlow responsive platform.

New Weebly themes

Instead of having a wide variety of themes, we usually create just a few and put heavy focus into each theme. However, despite this, we're still developing new themes and we will be releasing several new themes later this year.

Theme Plug-Ins/Extensions

Our themes have a huge variety of powerful features, but every user is different and some want very specific features. As a result, we will soon start selling plugins and add-ons for the themes, letting you add even more functionality to your Weebly website beyond what is currently offered in our themes.

We will keep you all updated as we continue on with our development. Thank you very much for your support!


The Luminous Team

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