Runs on pure CSS3, no Javascript required!

Create Animated Headers

Super Fast & Lightweight

The Animated Text add-on was designed with pure CSS, meaning its very lightweight and runs across all devices.

Easy Installation

Just copy and paste a few files. It's that easy to install. Plus, we've included a how-to video just in case you get stuck.

Animate Your Website

Give your website a fresh, modern presence with this animated text add-on. Small details go a long way in establishing a brand.

Add a bit of animated style to your website

Capture Attention

The animated text add-on not only looks cool, but it also lets you direct viewer attention to the header. It's the perfect level of flashy and smart.

Only Compatible with Our Themes

What's Included With Your Purchase

  • Installation & Usability Instructions
    Step by step instructions in both video and text form, covering installation & usage.

Don't Settle for Less

Default Weebly themes are generic. Your business deserves better. With a one-time purchase, our themes will transform the way your website looks.

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