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Our Story

Founded in early 2015 by a teenage entrepreneur.

Luminous Themes was founded in early 2015 by Romin M., a high-school sophmore at the time. After a few months in the market, we began experiencing very quick growth due to the demand for quality themes. By 2016, Luminous Themes had three full-time team members working on creating excellent products while providing the support our customers needed. Now, in 2017, Luminous Themes is maintained by five talented individuals. Throughout 2017, we plan to expand, diversify, and continue creating premium products while providing best-in-class customer support. We're really glad to have you with us.

An American Business

Luminous Themes is based in the east coast of the United States. We work with individuals and businesses from all over the world, and do our best to provide prompt, helpful customer support. We treat quality over quantity, which is why we regularly update our themes to latest standards.

We're Hiring!

We're a young, vibrant company, with a strong and passionate vision. If you have solid knowledge in HTMl, CSS, and Javascript, as well as good experience with the Weebly CMS and knowledge of its inner workings, consider joining us! Email for info.